Business Website Packages

We include the essentials as standard

Many website design companies will offer enticing website packages that seem quite cheap, however when you look closer, it is often because they are extremely limited in what they provide. Often critical elements are missing, and that cheap package turns into something quite expensive, or you have to compromise.

Our goal is to build you a tailored, customised business website that actually does what it needs to do - generate leads. There are many customisable options for building a website, therefore we include all essential components as standard when building your website, whether it is design elements or reporting features.

  • A custom website designed and developed to specifically meet your business needs.
  • Responsive design so your site looks great on any device, big or small.
  • Premium theme and plugins for all the best features and functionality.
  • SSL certificate installed so your customer's data is secure when using your website.
  • Creation of blog page and upload of 5 provided articles to get you started.
  • Business logo, site favicon and custom colours added to get your branding on point.
  • Integration of your business social media accounts so you can continue the conversation on other platforms.
  • Initial set up of email marketing software with website opt-in form to get you building your customer email list.
  • Customer interaction and heat map reporting tools installed to continue to improve user experience.
  • Set up of domain specific email addresses for professional communications.
  • Detailed industry keyword research which is incorporated into site structure.
  • Set up of site Google analytics and webmaster search console.
  • Sitemap submitted to major search engines (Google and Bing) for indexing.
  • Creation of a Google My Business (GMB) listing for improved local search.
  • Business citation information submitted to quality business directories to improve local SEO.
  • Up to 2 review and approval stages to get the finer details just right.
  • Handover training session conducted once website is completed and launched into the wild web.
  • A 30 day follow up site review to make sure any minor kinks are worked out.
  • Access to quality training videos for 12 months to help you use your brand new site.
  • Ongoing maintenance plans available to help keep your site secure, backed up and looking great.

Extra reporting features that we install

Although you may not be familiar with all of the reporting features available, as a client of Red Lilly Strategies we will provide initial training so you can start to understand the benefits of each of the reporting tools. We will guide you on how to utilise them and understand the data that they provide about your business online.

Also, even if you don’t actively use these tools to start with, they will still track the data in the background. If in the future you decide to get more involved, the history will be available and ready to go.

Unsure of what you need to think of when creating a business website?

When you have just started your own small business or have realised that you now need a website to help grow your business even more, you may be unsure of where to start. There are many things to consider and many different options to choose from. It may quickly start to seem overwhelming!

As part of our custom business website package, we will help you work out exactly what you need and help you start to create an online strategy for your business. To get you started though, we suggest a read of our article about brain storming ideas for a business website and a guide to the basic elements of website design.

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